Ortegón & Espinosa de los Monteros - Servicios

Álvaro Espinosa de
los Monteros

Bachelor in Business Administration by the Universidad Complutense (Madrid). Master in Auditing by the Economists Association and Master in Tax Consultancy by the Instituto de Empresa. He is a member of the Economists Association and the Spanish Association of Tax Consultants. He started his professional career in an auditing firm and a few years later founded Ortegón & Espinosa de los Monteros.


He worked for a well known auditing firm. He has performed numerous consulting projects, specializing in outsourcing – mainly head hunting – and advising foreign companies to settle in Spain. He has also participated in financial-tax optimisation projects as well as human resources ones. He is the co-founder of Ortegón & Espinosa de los Monteros.